It’s been a minute here😯!!How’re you all doing? Hope we’ve been good? I know we don’t really have this sort of interaction here but I guess we can embrace some changes😉. How was September? September for me did not even go as planned. I had plans heading the x direction and all September brought was... Continue Reading →


‘Oh my lovely paramour’, I was beginning to get mad at you for having a big heart, for being so loving and going ahead to give good vibes to people that has given nothing but negative vibes. It was up until recently I started looking beyond the superficial part of your actions and started seeing... Continue Reading →


This is a statement accustomed to G.I Joe. Yes!! You thought right, same G.I Joe from the cartoons. This statement simply depicts the beginning of successful endings.Recently, psychologists who have carried out more research have come forward to say this statement is a fallacy which makes this interesting because it so clear yet so vague... Continue Reading →


Hey people!! As promised, I bring to you the concluding part of Embracing yourself. If you’re yet to read the first part please kindly click here before proceeding. SELF AWARENESSWhen I come across ‘Self Awareness’, I tend to center my thoughts on how conscious and mindful someone is of themselves. It involves bringing more of... Continue Reading →

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